Bondit Repel SB

Silicon Resin Based Colourless Water Repellent


It penetrates deeply under the surface and forms a barrier in the capillary channels preventing rain water penetration and helping to keep the surface clean and preventing dampness on the interior surfaces through waterproofing.

  • BONDIT REPEL SB is easy to use and economical.
  • BONDIT REPEL SB acts as an excellent water repellant
  • BONDIT REPEL SB is resistant to U.V rays and is durable.
  • BONDIT REPEL SB reduces efflorescence
Areas of Application: 

Exterior Cement , Painted Surfaces, External Brick Work, Concrete Blocks, Terra-Cota, Tiles, Cement Renderings, natural and artificial stone work., 

Shelf Life: 

One Year


8 to 10 Sq mt / litre on single coat.


Packing is supplied in 1,5,20 and 210 litres containers.