Bondit Bond Repair SBR

Bondit Bond Repair SBR

Bonding and hardening agent based on modified plastic emulsion.



It is a unique formulation based on acrylic emulsion that can be used as bonding agent.



  • Excellent Bonding to concrete, Plaster, Masonary, works.
  • Designed specially for use as a bonding agent , and gauging liquid for cementious liquid.


Areas of Application:

  • As a bonding agent for concrete and cement mortars
  • Used for improving and Bonding floor toping, rendering and mortar as a ¬†polymer modified concrete.
  • As coating for prevention of corrosion in rebars.
  • Repairing of old and new structural repairs



to be stored in cool and dry place


Shelf Life:

Six Months



  • For structural Repairs 8 – 10 Kgs per 50 Kg Cement
  • For Polymer modified mortar 4 – 5 kgs per 50 Kg Cement
  • As a bonding agent apply directly 1:1 with cement .
  • 4 – 5 m2/ 2 coats for bonding coat.



It is Supplied in 1, 5, 20.and 210 litre packs.