Bondit Coat WB 109

Bondit Coat WB 109

Food Grade Epoxy Resin based Protective Coating for Concrete




BONDIT COAT WB 109 is a solvent free water based epoxy resin based coating. This is two part formulation having a base and a hardener which give a non toxic, food grade coating. BONDIT COAT WB 109 can be applied in varying thickness around 200 microns.



BONDIT COAT WB 109 provides a hygienic, dust free, seamless floor coating.


Areas of Application:

BONDIT COAT WB 109 can be used where a hygienic, dust free food neutral coating is required like in different tanks of aquaculture units, food processing units, pharmaceutical industries, reservoirs, dairies, distillers, laboratories, water treatment work, grain silos. BONDIT COAT WB 109 is useful for hospital clean rooms, operation theatres and post operative theatres. Can also be used as a protective coating for concrete structures in paper and pulp industry.



  • Initial Cure: 1 Day @ 30 deg C
  • Full Cure: 6 to 7 days @ 30 deg C
  • Pot life: 30 minutes @ 30 deg c
  • Over coating time (after 20 – 24 hours @ 30 deg C): 24 hrs


BONDIT COAT WB 109 should be applied using gloves. Splashes on to skin if any should be washed with plenty of water. When it comes in contact with eyes, wash with water and take medical advice.


Shelf Life:

1 year ( to be stored in cool and dry place )


Directions for Usage:

The surface where BONDIT COAT WB 109 is to be applied should be dry and free from dust,  grease,oil and other loose particles. For this grit blasting or sand blasting or grinding and water jetting can be used. All the components of BONDIT COAT WB 109 are mixed thoroughly with a mechanical stirrer with an rpm 300-350.the process should be continued till a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The mixed material is brushed onto the well prepared surface by a standard paint brush, good quality lambswool roller or sprayed with airless spray equipment. Care should be taken to ensure continuous film and proper material consumption.



10 Kg/m2 at 100 micron thickness.



BONDIT COAT WB 109 comes in 1 Kg and 5 Kg packs.


Technical Support:

Technical information and guidance regarding Bondit range of construction chemicals is available from the technical services department, Bondit Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


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