Bondit Grout 500

Bondit Grout 500

Cementitious Non Shrink Free Flow Grout



It is a specially formulated cementations grout which has excellent shrinkage resistance and free flow properties suitable for Machine foundations. The strength ensures stable and permanent support to the load bearing areas which transfer both static and dynamic loads onto it. This has unique formulation which does not cause corrosion of machine parts, Bolts, etc in contact with it.



  • Strength of M50 grades can be acheived which cannot be matched by sand/cement grouts.
  • Ready to use – addition of specified quantity of water and mixing mechanically.
  • Controlled expansion ensures surface contact area of 100% below base plates of machinery.


Areas of Application:

Can be used in Construction, grouting,deep anchors, bolt pockets Machine base plates of turbines,DG sets, Transformers etc.,



It is non-toxic, non-flammable. Use gloves while mixing and pouring


Shelf Life:

One Year



2180 Kg / cum



25 Kg bag


Technical Support:

Technical information and guidance regarding Bondit range of construction chemicals is available from the technical services department, Bondit Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


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