Bondit Plast PL

Bondit Plast PL

Chloride free water reducing and plasticizing admixture based on ligno sulphonate



It is a concrete normal plasticizer and water reducing agent. On addition to concrete , it disperses the cement particles and hence enhances the workability. The admixture is choride free and does not affect the concrete



  • It gives concrete improved quality
  • Strength workability can be enhanced at low dosage.
  • Saves cement without loss of strength and workability.


Areas of Application: 

Can be used for structural concrete where improved quality and density are required



It is non-toxic ,non-flammable, Splashes if any should be washed with plenty of water. When it comes in contact with eyes take medical advice.


Shelf Life: 

One Year



100 – 150 ml per 50 Kg Cement ( Dosage depends on desired Properties)



5, 20 & 210 Kg Containers