Bondit Speed ACPL

Bondit Speed ACPL

Chloride Free Accelerating Plasticiser for Concrete



On addition to concrete, it disperses the cement particles which enhance the workability many fold and accelerates the set rate of concrete. The admixture is chloride free and does not affect the concrete.



  • Accelerates the initial setting Time.
  • Helps in quick demoulding  providing rapid development of strength.


Areas of Application:

  • Used in Pre – stressed and Precast concrete industry
  • Concrete in cold weather conditions.



It is toxic. Splashes if any should be washed with plenty of water. Rubber gloves and safety glasses should be used. When it comes in contact with eyes, should be washed with plenty of water and doctor’s advice should be taken.


Shelf Life:

One Year



0.5 – 1.2 litre per 50 Kg bag.



5, 20 & 210 Kg Containers.


Technical Support:

Technical information and guidance regarding Bondit range of construction chemicals is available from the technical services department, Bondit Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

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