Bondit Stain Remover

Bondit Stain Remover

Liquid Cleaning and Acid Etching agent



It is a concentrated liquid cleaning and acid etching agent. This modified organic acid with special additives loosens cement dust, concrete, lime remainders etc.



  • Rust Mortar and concrete stains , cement dust can be removed.
  • Cleans concrete surfaces and provides key to application of coatings or repair systems.
  • Cleans Tools and equipment,
  • Quality of concrete can be improved.


Areas of Application:

Can be used for removing concrete stains and cleaning of tools, can be used in food industry, used as a cleaning agent on ceramic Tiles and Granite stones.



It should be applied using gloves. If it comes into contact with skin, should be washed with plenty of water. When it comes in contact with eyes wash with plenty of water and take medical


Shelf Life:

2 Years



1 Kg, 5 Kgs, 20 Kgs & 210 Kgs containers