Bondit Superplast S2

Bondit Superplast S2

High Energy Strength Super Plasticiser



BONDIT SUPER PLAST S2 is a concrete super plasticizer and high range water reducing admixture. On addition to concrete, it disperses the cement particles which enhance the workability many fold without much affecting the set rate of concrete. The admixture is based on specially selected organic polymers.



  • Aids High Workability
  • Cement saving without loss of workability or strength.
  • Helps in early domoulding


Areas of Application:

Can be used in precast and prestressed concrete industry while manufacturing structural elements.



It is non-toxic, non-flammable. Splashes if any should be washed with plenty of water. When it comes in contact with eyes, take doctor’s advice..


Shelf Life:

One Year



300 – 700 ml per bag of 50 Kg Cement



5, 20 & 210 Kgs Container