Bondit Superplast S3

Bondit Superplast S3

Very High Range Water Reducing Admixture and Set Retarder Based on Modified Suphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde Condensate



BONDIT SUPER PLAST S2 is a concrete super plasticizer and high range water reducing admixture. On addition to concrete, it disperses the cement particles which enhance the workability many fold without much affecting the set rate of concrete. The admixture is based on specially selected organic polymers.



  • High slump retaining ability and hence can be transported to longer distance without fear of cold joints and facing Problems
  • Ultimate strengths are very high .
  • Gives high workability to concrete ,high retardation which is required for doing mass concreting in hot weather conditions.


Areas of Application:

  • For ready Mix Concrete, where high workability and slump retention is required..
  • For mass concreting to avoid cold joints.


Shelf Life:

One Year



100 – 300  ml per bag of 50 Kg cement.



5, 20 & 210 Kg Containers.