Bondit Tile Adhesive Plus

Bondit Tile Adhesive plus

Tile Adhesive Plus


BONDIT TILE ADHESIVE PLUS is a unique formulation which has excellent adhesive property in fixing tiles. This is also suitable for the bonding of different construction materials in interior and exterior areas.



    • BONDIT TILE ADHESIVE PLUS gives an impermeable layer.
    • It can be easily applied and hence highly workable.
    • It has special additives which minimize shrinkage in the system.
    • It can be used to bond gypsum boards and Styron foam to other substrates.


Areas of Application:

BONDIT TILE ADHESIVE PLUS can be used to lay ceramic tiles, quartz tiles, terrazzo tiles on all types of surfaces. It can be
used for bonding tiles in balconies, terraces, floors, bathrooms etc.,



BONDIT TILE ADHESIVE PLUS is nontoxic, non-flammable. Splashes if any should be washed with plenty of water.
When it comes in contact with eyes, take doctor’s advice.


Shelf Life:

One Year



20 Kg Packs


Technical Support:

Technical information and guidance regarding Bondit range of construction chemicals is available from the technical services department, Bondit Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.