Bondit Tuff Seal

Bondit Tuff Seal

Polysulphide Sealant for Expansion Joints



BONDIT TUFF SEAL is specially formulated premium grade two component polysulphide sealant confirming to BS and DN standards, is widely used in building industry for sealing expansion joints for highest performance.


BONDIT TUFF SEAL can be used for sealing joints in diverse construction materials like glass aluminum / steel cladding, tiling, tanks and water retaining structures



  • BONDIT  TUFFSEAL has exceptional weathering characteristics with resistance to rain, heat, snow and UV rays.
  • BONDIT TUFF SEAL is low shrinkage and quick setting with exceptional bond strength to any surface.
  • BONDIT TUFF SEAL has superior joint movement accommodation with strong adhesion to most building materials, it is chemically resistant to water, oil and solvents.


Areas of Application:

Tuff Seal sealants are used for the highest performance in sealing expansion joints where large movement is anticipatedto concrete construction and for joints between diverse construction materials like glass, aluminium, steel, cladding, glazing, filling Tanks, internal water retaining structure.



Depending on the size of the joint weight in kg 1.6xWxDxL/1000 where W+D are width, Depth in mm and L is Length in meters.


Technical Support:

Technical information and guidance regarding Bondit range of construction chemicals is available from the technical services department, Bondit Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


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