Bondit Tac Coat

Anti Carbonation Properties, Excellent Weathering Panoptic, Excellent Water Proofing

Bondit Coat RC

Rust Converting Agent

Bondit Cure WB

Liquid Membrane Curing Compound for Concrete Water Based Wax Emulsion

Bondit Shuterol

Impregnation Oil for mould

Bondit Stain Remover

Liquid Cleaning and Acid Etching agent

Bondit Grout 500

Cementitious Non Shrink Free Flow Grout

Bondit Grout 700

Cementitious Non Shrink, Free Flow, Ultra High Strength Grout

Bondit Grout 900

Cementitious Non Shrink Free, Ultra High Strength Grouts

Bondit Grout Mix

Expansive Admixture and Grouting Aid

Bondit Grout EP1

Low Viscous Epoxy Resin for Injecting Grouting