Bondit Coat WB 109

Food Grade Epoxy Resin based Protective Coating for Concrete

Bondit Proof IWP 1

Plasticizing Liquid Integral Water Proofing Compound

Bondit Proof IWP 2

Higher Performance Integral Powder Waterproofing Compound

Bondit Aqua Flex WMC

An Acrylic Modified Single Component Flexible Coating in Thixotropic Consistency

Bondit Aquaguard 1K

Cementitious Waterproofing System Which On Hardening Provides a Good Water Resistant Barrier

Bondit Aquaguard 2K

Two Component High Performance Elestromeric Cementitious Flexible Sealing Coat Against Ground and Back Water Based on Modified Acrylic Polymer Emulsion

Bondit Repel SB

Silicon Resin Based Colourless Water Repellent

Bondit Bond Repair SBR

Bonding and hardening agent based on modified plastic emulsion.

Bondit Epoxy Bond

Two component solvent free Epoxy Resin based Bonding Agent

Bondit Crackfill

Single Component cementitious polymer modified filling and repairing cracks both internal & External